Backdating software

19-Dec-2017 12:45

However, developers got wise to this and have many different ways of checking how long software has been running.Even though you change the date and time of your system, the system still keeps track of that change.It involves attempts to deceive, not good-faith disagreements on accounting treatments.I've heard that changing the date on your computer can extend the use of a trial for software X.At the General Ledger (G/L) level, allowed date ranges can be controlled by a combination of the General Ledger Setup and specific User Setup.When entries are posted, the “Posting Date” can be controlled by the user, as long as it falls within the defined range allowed for said user.The first thing I would do is identify what changed.It will be easier to determine the best resolution when armed with this information.

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One of them is fraud in timing differences, also called cut-off fraud.

It normally involves one of two basic techniques: recording revenues early and/or recording expenses and liabilities late.

By recognizing these often simple schemes CPAs can usually detect material financial statement frauds early, before they become catastrophic.

There are five basic methods companies use to create bogus profits (See “The Fraud Beat,” , Oct.00, page 93; and Mar.01, page 91 ).

Reduxio's HX550 Flash Hybrid storage system uses what the vendor refers to as Back Dating to enable users to recover data from any point in time.