Intimidating sounding last names

04-Nov-2017 13:33

The last name Ivanov has a lot of derivatives: Vanin, Vankin, Vanyushin, Ivashov, Ivashin, Ivashkin Ivashutin, Ivashchenkov, Ivanenkov, Ivanischev, Ivankov and so on. Smirnov This last name is derived from the Russian name Smyrnoi, which means “meek.” It is especially prevalent in the Volga region of Russia. Kuznetsov Kuznetsov directly points to the occupation – “kuznets” in Russian is a blacksmith.

Blacksmiths – was a much needed occupation in the old days in every village.

We rounded up a bunch of contenders and submitted our votes to create a top 50.

This name generator will give you 10 random nicknames for ninjas and other types of assassins.

If there’s one demographic that stands to benefit the most from Russia’s recent aggression it’s got to be Hollywood screenwriters and video game designers.

They managed to keep using Russian villains long after the Cold War had ended, and just when they might have suspected it was getting stale, they can now look forward to at least another decade of evil Russian colonels to serve as villains.

Some owners want a humorous naming twist for their meek or small pal.

Take for instance the Chihuahua, where you have a big dog in a small dogs body.

They have learned so little, in fact, that simply finding names for their villains and other characters has often proved to be a problem.Some are raised to be guard dogs whose owner wants to make them more intimidating by giving them a mean name that will have others thinking twice before proceeding further.Or maybe the owner just can’t seem to find a title that best suit’s the pooch with a dark side.If you're gonna have a badass hero, you have to give them a badass name. The more intimidating the name, the higher it lands in the rankings.

But that begs the question: Which or favorite our gun-toting, butt-kicking, witty-one-liner-giving heroes has the MOST badass name? We think most Chi’s would love a mean dog name like Bugsy after Bugsy Siegal notorious gangster who seemed nice but had a definite nasty streak. So as you scroll down our names for mean dogs below, you’ll find not only mean terms that are used when describing something ornery, but also mean dog name ideas after people throughout history that had a nasty side to them.