Some young people believe that internet dating is a good

13-Jan-2018 21:57

2017 has been a year of change, including what dating apps are in and out. They flirt and “talk” (a term that many teenagers have used to replace casual dating over text) on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, but rarely do they use apps specifically for dating.

College students and young adults, however, are flocking to dating apps.

Grindr Grindr is the Tinder equivalent for men interested in men.

It tends to be a bit less romantic, and more for one-time meet-ups.

This starts with the username you pick; avoid something that might give something away about you, such as your surname, age or year of birth.

Second, until you’ve met and feel you can trust the person you’ve met online, don’t share your address, where you work or study, your phone number or email address.

And it's not hard to understand why – it’s an instantaneous, low-effort way to flirt and meet new people and we probably all know someone who met a partner online.

In fact - it’s how a quarter of us will meet our other half.

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Singles can also choose from dating websites such as Ok Cupid and Lovestruck, which has registered over 150,000 people in Hong Kong, according to founder Michael Ye.

Get to know them first It can be a good idea to message and get to know a bit about each other before meeting up.

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