Who is clea duvall dating

02-Aug-2017 07:04

It's pretty much an open secret that Clea is into women and is also very private about her life…leave this poor woman and her girlfriend alone.” - Chelsea And the best one: “I was kissing my boyfriend the other day and I accidentally gave him a lesbian kiss instead of a normal kiss.

He was so confused, poor thing.” - Sonya For many of us, as thrilled as we are to have Du Vall join our always-fun queer club, we couldn’t be more sorry that she had to endure the prying eyes of an intrusive photographer—who, by the way, works for one of the most infamous celebrity-stalking agencies in Hollywood.

Throughout her career, she has played a number of gay characters, most recently a closeted school teacher in American Horror Story: Asylum.

And it seems life imitates art somewhat for actress Clea Du Vall who indulged in a passionate kissing session with a female friend in a Los Angeles park on Sunday.

Clea Helen D'Etienne Du Vall (born September 25, 1977) is an American actress, writer, producer and director.

Her father is also a TV/film actor; among other credits, he appeared on two episodes of Carnivàle with his daughter.Last Sunday in Los Angeles it was sunny and warm, especially for a January afternoon. ), along with possibly the world’s lamest “news” writeup, headlining that the actor “shares lesbian kisses with female friend.” Most of the site’s visitors concur, and have shared some great comments: “It's sad how the paparazzi are capturing such private moments.” - November Baby “This is officially called ‘stalking’. Last Sunday in Los Angeles it was sunny and warm, especially for a January afternoon. Nine photos of the pair were published on a British newspaper website (who knew the Brits were such Du Vall fans?Clea Du Vall is openly lesbian, as she is unmarried till date.

In her early career days, she dated Camila Gutierrez.

Prior to making her debut in Little Witches, she worked in a coffee shop.

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