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27-Jul-2017 02:25

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setting your relationship expectations dating success secrets

"If you are too rigid about what your expectations are and then suddenly it changes, then you have more reason to want to look elsewhere for stuff," Harris noted.

"In our relationship, communication is super important.

Scooter and Lily almost had sex while they were dating, but because he did not cross a certain boundary, she - and eventually with some convincing, Marshall - did not count it as the first time she had sex.

She broke up with Scooter at their senior prom because she did not want to continue dating him when she went to college, so that she could pursue her dreams of being an artist , but he continues to be in love with her even after she marries Marshall.

Plus, Neil talks about coming out publicly and how it affected his career.

On the show, which boasts that anything can happen, one of the host's tasks is to prank celebrities -- a feat he admitted can be scary.They are living a happily married life and there is no sign of separation at all. He gained media attention for dating the famous American actor Neil Patrick Harris, whom he later married in 2014. David Burtka was born as David Michael Burtka on , in Dearborn, Michigan, USA. Harris, 42, wed Burtka, 40, after 10 years of dating and the two are the proud parents of 4-year-old twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace.

The Emmy-winning actor admitted that having children transforms a relationship and insisted that managing your own expectations can help you be more flexible when it comes to adapting to changes in a relationship.

Harris described one such prank where he tried to get the best of , which doesn't exist," he said, explaining the prank, which consisted of asking the coaches a bunch of random, strange questions.

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